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Mother’s Day II

on May 8, 2015

Outdoors Pics Season 1 – Episode 5 Mother’s Day II How do you describe your mother?? Mothers usually are very patience and controller. They notice every detail, nothing escape to her senses whatever it’s something about their kids. Doesn’t matter how old her sons or daughters are. They will be always kids in her eyes. And for sure, I can tell you. Many people have asked me about who is the second mother I mentioned before. My mom, she is very special. I admire her so much, but we are very different in many ways, we fight because of my room mess, which is not that big, right?; she called it “el reguerete”… I guess she means it’s really a big mess. but of course it means a big challenge for me. After a while,...

Mother’s Day I

on May 2, 2015

Outdoors Pics Season 1 – Episode 4 Mother’s Day I I bet you’ve heard many stories about true love. I think that true love is the one that comes from those who really care about you, but more than that, from those that accept you as you are. The best way to describe this feeling is without any doubt, the love that comes from a mother, which is the most pure and unconditional expecting nothing in return. My mothers, they are particular. Yes, I have 2 mothers, one of them is my grandma, who taught me that you can not stand up from the table unless you finish the complete meal and I meant it, she said. 3 to 4 hours watching that soup in front of me were not in vain, although she had to warm it a 100 times if necessary. She did it time after time...

Is Spring time!

on Apr 23, 2015

Outdoors Pics Season 1 – Episode 3 Is Spring time! New York… Can you feel it? Spring is everywhere now! No more short days hidden at home. It’s the perfect time of the year to walk through the streets of the City that never sleeps. Beautiful sunsets, magnificent weather and long days are waiting for you… and guess what? you just have to enjoy them. Allow you to become the main attraction of your own story while we take care of capturing lifetime memories for you. At the end of the journey, your experience will be saved in a colorful and sophisticated photo album. and we meant it when we said enjoying is the only thing you have to worry about. […] Hair styling, makeup and fashion advising is on us too. Want to know more? Go to...

Cherry Blossoms are here!

on Apr 15, 2015

Outdoors Pics Season 1 – Episode 2 Cherry Blossoms are Here! Spring is here and the City is waiting for you. So get ready to be part of it. How? Forget about all that “heavy” clothing, sweaters, leggings, coats over coats, thick pants, hats, gloves.. I mean, it’s over now, but more than that, it’s time to live this colorful season, smell the roses and picture everything. Remember, you will have an unforgettable experience looking glamorous and being yourself in an urban stage. Just like the Cherry Blossoms, it’s around the corner, and this annual event comes with a lot of fun and trails to explore to find the best spots to capture your emotions. Allows your imagination and be part of this fantasy. Visit now

Cherry Blossoms Invitation

on Apr 10, 2015

Outdoors Pics Season 1 – Episode 1 Cherry Blossoms Invitation Today, I’d like to share with you this amazing project based on a magical experience that will make you feel like never before. Let’s talk about where this is coming from. When we usually think about pictures, we do thru many factors like: the scenery, costumes, poses, angles, perspective, expressions, we take special care on a very professional look! Together to professionalism we bet for a fully fun experience, sensitive, to immerse and personalize every scene you’re walking thru. Cherry Blossoms is coming!! And what is the cherry blossoms? Are you new hearing about this? Well, that is a wonderful season full of blooming trees came from Japan. These trees were given to the US to...

An Album for your memories

on Apr 8, 2015 Imagine you can have all these memories in the palm of your hand just getting a sophisticated album like this. Check it out Rigid pages, color full, flat mount pages and it’s also splash proof. Typically could be a great present for the elders or even yourself or a beautiful present for a special person, mom, dad, girlfriend or boyfriend….