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Queens’ Hispanic Parade 2015

on Sep 28, 2015

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This past Sunday 27, 2015 was the Queens’Hispanic Parade. This time, Venezuela came back to participate thanks to the effort of a group of members of Venezuelan community in New York.
We live moments plenty of emotions, surrounded by Venezuelan flag colors, Yellow, Blue and Red, with 7 to 8, in some cases more, stars. Folkloric costumes, Yare’s Dancing Devils masks, folkloric dancers, music from different regions of Venezuela, bring us tears of nostalgic.
An enchanting Madrina: Riczabeth Sovalbarro show her charisma to everyone on the parade, rising the most beautiful comments from the attendees adults and children!
Before the parade, Outdoors-Pics’ Artist Director Cinty C. took her time to share with people not only from Venezuela but from other neighboring countries’ communities on preps. Let’s take a look at it!

Thanks a lot to everyone how made it possible, and we’ll be waiting for you on the Hispanic Parade in Manhattan the next October 11!.

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