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The process

The experience is the most important

We offer a quality personal service from start to finish including an initial consultation designed to ensure you get exactly the images that you are looking for. Preliminary to the shoot, we’ll discuss expectations of the the shoot, and discuss ideas and requests.  We’ll also discuss what to wear, make-up, location and any other questions that might come up.  Our intention is that a shoot be relaxed and fun.
You’ll get 70-200 pro-quality images – plenty of perfection for posting, framing, and subtly bragging about. Be snapped at famous landmarks, get sparkling night shots, re-enact classic Breakfast At Tiffany’s moments, or step back into New York’s past.

Clothing & what to wear

Regarding clothing – anything that you feel comfortable in, and would be described perhaps as ‘smart casual’. Colors should be complimentary and not too bold. (eg. bright red is not a good idea.) Check patterns also usually don’t work well. I would also suggest that guys don’t wear shorts & sandals, but something more ‘dressy’ than just that. Other than that, no real guidelines. It is whatever you feel you want to wear to represent you in photos, and about the instant moment we would like to create.

Also, if possible, don’t come too laden with bags.  Since the photo session works better if it is more spontaneous, it helps if we don’t have to set bags down and pick them up again.  But rather, that we can keep taking photos while moving or walking.

Editing of images

I normally change some images to Black & White, and a few to Color tinted, as part of the proofing. Since I shoot digitally, it’s a fairly simple matter to change any photograph to B&W for an album or extra prints, or to change any photo back to colour that was proofed as a B&W image.


Retouching and editing for blemished can be done, but only for the final prints. This has to be requested at the time of ordering the prints.