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Venezuela at New York Hispanic Parade 2015

on Oct 13, 2015

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Venezuelans in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut attended the grand parade of Hispanic Heritage in Manhattan, where Venezuela reappeared after 10 years of absence.

Verónica Albornoz, national correspondent for the show “Un Nuevo Día” Telemundo was the official Madrina of the parade for Venezuela, along with our beautiful Riczabeth Sobalvarro, both who showed signs of beauty and elegance of the Venezuelan women.

Venezuela’s float was a tribute to the highest waterfall of the world, “Angel Falls“.

Costumes from different regions of Venezuela, guajira’s colorful dresses, clothes Amazon prairie dresses, liqui-liquis, the presence of sport shirts of Vino Tinto (Venezuelan soccer team), masks of the Dancing Devils of Yare cultural heritage humanity.

Fernando ‘Fro Herz, a venezuelan plastic artist, did a huge canvas of Angel Falls scenery wich was the last image wich people saw from Venezuela’s float, great work.

Venezuela’s national anthem was sung with love and enthusiasm by a wonderful group of Venezuelan entrepreneurs who marched with pride and enthusiasm in the Columbus Day celebrated on 5th Avenue in New York, showing the world that its values, principles and great efforts to save the country have no borders. Thank you all for making us live moments full of hope, where we were united by a single loop called “Love” … Live long Venezuela!!! “Abajo cadenas, muera la opresión” (Down chains, ending oppression)


  1. Rafael Ocariz

    October 13, 2015

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    Lamento no haber asistido, cuestiones de salud familiar.
    Me siento orgulloso que exista gente luchadora y presenten la patria como lo han hecho en esta ocacion. Congratuló a todos los que hicieron posible esta actividad. Gracias Venezuela estamos orgullosos de ser parte de esa tierra.

  2. Marina

    October 13, 2015

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    Mirian Maravez, Janeth Aviles con su equipo, hicieron posible éste evento. Eso se llama compromiso con Venezuela! Mujeres que dan lo mejor de sí por su país Venezuela! !

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