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Cherry Blossoms Invitation

on Apr 10, 2015

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Outdoors Pics

Season 1 – Episode 1

Cherry Blossoms Invitation

Today, I’d like to share with you this amazing project based on a magical experience that will make you feel like never before.

Let’s talk about where this is coming from. When we usually think about pictures, we do thru many factors like: the scenery, costumes, poses, angles, perspective, expressions, we take special care on a very professional look!

Together to professionalism we bet for a fully fun experience, sensitive, to immerse and personalize every scene you’re walking thru.

Cherry Blossoms is coming!! And what is the cherry blossoms? Are you new hearing about this? Well, that is a wonderful season full of blooming trees came from Japan. These trees were given to the US to celebrate the nations then-growing friendship in the 19’s. This annual event became popular in different areas; here we have some places where you can appreciate this natural blooming attraction. Take a sneak peek of how amazing they look for just a short time.

Here we have Branch Brook Park in Newark, which has the largest collection of cherry blossom trees and has also the oldest county Park in the United States

Also, in honor of the American independence, we have the Cherry Blossom Festival of Greater in Philadelphia as a gesture of goodwill to the Japanese government.

Wonderfull right?

Don’t miss it. Visit now and book your shooting before it’s gone! Remember that it’s almost here and it is just a 3 to 4 day event window, of peak bloom.


OP-OpeningAnd last but not least we have the annual National Cherry Blossom Festival which is one of the most popular events in D.C more than a million and a half people coming to celebrate the Japanese culture, with parades, music, dances, arts and a lot of food.

See you there…

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