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Mother’s Day II

on May 8, 2015

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Outdoors Pics

Season 1 – EpisodeĀ 5

Mother’s Day II

How do you describe your mother??

Mothers usually are very patience and controller. They notice every detail, nothing escape to her senses whatever it’s something about their kids. Doesn’t matter how old her sons or daughters are. They will be always kids in her eyes. And for sure, I can tell you.

Many people have asked me about who is the second mother I mentioned before.

My mom, she is very special. I admire her so much, but we are very different in many ways, we fight because of my room mess, which is not that big, right?; she called it “el reguerete”… I guess she means it’s really a big mess. but of course it means a big challenge for me.

After a while, I’ve been realizing that she really wants me to be organized, because the way you have your space, is the way your life is. Well, that’s what she said….

op-TV2015-05-08-13h42m21s798She has inspired in me a love for walks in the parks, every time enjoy nature, enjoy the scent and colors of the flowers, and find behind every detail, a new meaning.

The hiking was not exactly my favorite activity, but through it I learned to appreciate and practice, more and more excitement, perhaps because of the connection to the planet, and with it the teachings of my mother.


A mother’s love is forever, doesn’t matter how messy you are. and that’s the most important gift you could have. If you are looking for the best way to describe your love for her? Join and choose the best gift to make her smile and remember how beautiful is to have you in her life.

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